The Greek king Sisyphus was punished for his hubris by being required to push a heavy boulder uphill, only to have it roll down the hill so he had to do it again and again. He had no choice. You and I do.

In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins discovered several differences which made companies great. One which you can do for yourself is to develop a stop doing list. We all do things that are counterproductive because we don’t know better. The stop doing list is for When we know better and combine to do then anyway out of habit

What we should stop doing is different for each person, but one indicator is to look for activity that is taxed and controlled. Here are some examples you can start with.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is overwhelmingly stupid on any level you want to consider. If you are smoking, it should be at the top of your stop doing list. Apart from well documented health risks,the direct cost of one pack a day is $2500 per year.

Stop Playing Lottery

If a lottery ticket is an occasional impulse buy, fine. No, not really, but I am more concerned about habitual purchases. A friend of mine’s parents put ten or twenty dollars a week into the lottery. They may have helped fund the state school system, but he is still funding his own way through college.

Watch Your Latte

In Automatic Millionaire, David Bach shows how a daily Latte over the length of a working life hanse huge impact on money available for savings and investment. The majority of that windfall comes from creating passive income opportunities from money not spent on coffee, but step one is curbing the habit itself. Substitute any recurring expense for coffee and do the math yourself.

Your Own Habits

Are you eating things you know you shouldn’t?

Are you wasting time on projects you don’t care about?

What are you doing that does not make sense?

Next Actions

Make a list of things you know you should stop doing, then develop a plan to stop doing them. Give yourself reasons to stop and develop ways of breaking the routines that are part of the habits. Worry about what you’ll do instead later. For now, think about what you should stop doing and how that alone can improve your life.

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