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The Hundred Ruble Fallacy

Better a hundred friends than a hundred rubles — Russian Proverb How do you respond on hearing this? Perhaps you accept it as obvious, perhaps you see it as profound. In my view, it represents flawed thinking. You may as … Continue reading

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Mooi and the Goose

Pet shops and shelters will tell you the same thing: most people looking for a pet cat have the same criteria. Kitten In good health Short hair Male On this list, Mooi was zero for four. She was a lame, … Continue reading

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What Willpower Won’t Do

Happy New Year! When I checked my weight this morning, the scale reported 153.8 pounds. For my height of 5’9″, this maps to a body mass index of 22.7 — perfect according to even my fussy primary care doctor. Even better, … Continue reading

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